Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Mr. Muhammad Farrukh – Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Farrukh has over 20 years’ local and international business experience in the fields of commodities trading, FMCG, animal feeds, import and export, joint venture and overall business management. Mr. Muhammad Farrukh is a seasoned businessman. He also has extensive experience in establishing, expanding and acquiring businesses and consolidating them into integrated business unit bringing synergy. Furthermore, he has established joint ventures with foreign collaboration channeling foreign investment in the country.

Mr. Safdar Sajjad – Director

Mr. Safdar Sajjad’s Multi-dimensional experience is the key through which the group is managing voluminous trade. His responsibilities include but not restricted to managing the logistics, procurement and disbursement of the products. He has over eighteen years of experience. His deep knowledge of various aspects of the edible oil business has played an instrumental role in group’s growth

Mr. Jalees Edhi – Director

An accomplished professional with over 14 years of leading the Accounts and Finance divisions of large local and multinational organizations and a quoted entity. He has been associated with PWC Pakistan with having exposure of external and internal audits, developments of ERP, SOPs and budgets. His vast experience has enabled him to gain business insight and acumen particularly in the taxation and business analytics.

Mr. Abdullah Ghaffar – Director

Mr. Abdullah Ghaffar carries with him over 34 years of rich & diverse experience across various disciplines including Corporate & Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Cash Management, Islamic Finance and Information Technology. His most recent association was with AlBaraka Bank Pakistan Ltd. as an SEVP / Group Head – CIBG. Mr. Abdullah graduated from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi with an MBA.”

Detail of Associated Companies

Sunridge Foods (Private) Limited Holding Company
Unity Foods Limited Ultimate Holding Company
Unity Feeds (Private) Limited Common Directorship / CEO
Unity Packages (Private) Limited Common Directorship / CEO
Unity Enterprises (Private) Limited Common Directorship
Unity Wilmar Foods (Private) Limited Common Directorship / CEO
Unity Wilmar Packages (Private) Limited Common Directorship / CEO
Unity Wilmar Agro (Private) Limited Common Directorship / CEO
Kairos Resources (Private) Limited Common Directorship
Emerald Oils and Fats (Private) Limited Common Directorship
Agro Allianz Ltd. Common Directorship
Aloia (Private) Limited Common Directorship

Pattern of Shareholding

No. of Shareholders Shareholdings Total Shares Held
4 1 each 04
1 185,978,766 185,978,766
Total 185,978,770
Shareholders’ Name Holding Total
Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and their spouse and minor children.
Mr. Muhammad Farrukh – Director/CEO 01
Mr. Safdar Sajjad – Director 01
Mr. Jalees Edhi – Director 01
Mr. Abdullah Ghaffar – Director 01
Associated / Holding Company
Sunridge Foods Pvt. Ltd.
185,978,766 185,978,766
Total 185,978,770 185,978,770
Categories of Shareholders Shares Held Percentage
Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and their spouse(s) and minor children. 04 0.000002
Associated Companies, undertakings, and related parties. 185,978,766 99.999998
Banks, DFIs, NBFCs, Insurance Companies and Takaful
Insurance Companies
Modarabas and Mutual Funds
General Public

Shareholders holding 10% Shares or more Voting Rights

Shareholders Name Holding Percentage
Sunridge Foods (Private) Limited 185,978,766 99.999998

Auditor of the Company

Reanda Haroon Zakaria & Company, Chartered Accountants

Suite No. M1-M4, Mezzanine Floor, Progressive Plaza, Plot No. 5-CL-10, Civil Lines Quarter, Beaumont Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Name of Legal Advisor

Abdul Ghaffar Muhammad – House No. 320, Bantva Nagar Lane, Liqatabad, Karachi



For complaints or queries, please contact:
Umar Shahzad – Company Secretary
[email protected]