About Us

About Us

Uni-Food Industries Limited (UFIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Sunridge Foods (Private) Limited which is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Foods Limited. Uni-Food is recently acquired by the Sunridge Foods. Uni-Food is a manufacturer of food and bakery products based in Karachi, Pakistan offering a range of cupcakes and long cakes made in multiple flavors including chocolate, berry, red velvet and banana, thereby serving consumers with novel sweet treats which help to facilitate the Unity Group to enter the value-added product segment in the confectionery business for sale in both local and international markets.


“To be the fastest growing food company in Pakistan by tantalizing taste buds through novel sweet treats.”


To provide our customers with the most exciting, fun-loving, and at the same time, nourishing bakery products and to spread countless smiles.

Strategy Statement

“Pursue excellence, success will follow”

Core Values


We don’t just know the way towards success, we take it and lead others towards it too.


We believe that our success is tied to the people who work for us. We put them before everything and actively work towards their growth and success.

Customer Focus

Happiness of our customers is centered to our corporate practices. We see the world with our customer’s perspective and find every possible way to make them happy.


We operate by the rule of “One for all, all for one” and help each other out to ensure a collective win. We don’t believe in collecting credit, we aim for a group win.


We treat our people and business with unmatched passion and enthusiasm and are not afraid to venture into risky paths. Our passion determines the result of our efforts.


Whatever we do, or whatever that comes to us, we face it head on, and take full responsibility of our actions. We look into our errors, find a solution out of our faults, and highly discourage finger-pointing.